Care Fees Insurance Premium

Published / Last Updated on 15/06/2015

Care Fees Insurance Premium

Regular Premium Long Term Care Insurance is used to plan for care fees if it is needed in the future.

You can take out long term care insurance plans to suit your budget on either a monthly premium, yearly premium or one off premiums.  You select the level of care fees insurance benefit you require to be paid for care fees and your premiums will be calculated on this basis.

It is usual for long term care providers to be flexible in terms of premiums and you may be able to combine regular premiums and single premiums.

Once the care fees insurance policy starts to pay out, you will usually not be required to pay any further premiums.

It is also possible for you to stop paying premiums if you no longer require the care fees insurance protection.

Request expert advice about care fees insurance premiums today and about protecting your wealth and planning for care.



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