Progressive Sustainable and Tilt Funds

Published / Last Updated on 31/08/2021

Many of us will have heard of green, ecological and ethical funds and some will have heard of the newer term 'ESG' funds:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Socially responsible
  • Governance (corporate governance) i.e.  companies have governance plans for green, ethical, ecological, environmental impact, social responsibility, environment and sustainability.

The Paris Climate Agreement put this firmly on the radar of many countries and the ripple down through to carbon neutral targets, laws, regulations and to trading companies including financial companies.

Within the finance industry, the Government requires all larger companies to have yearly ESG reports as part of their annual report and accounts, in addition the FCA now requires both fund managers and advisers to be offering ESG services and discussing ESG needs with investing clients.

Many of you will know that we already do this, but we wish to introduce some new terms for you:  Progressive Sustainable and Tilt Funds.

  • Progressive Sustainable means funds are making progress towards ESG within the fund.
  • Tilt means the same i.e.  funds are now leaning towards or tilting towards ESG.

This means that with progressive sustainable and tilt funds, ESG investment will gradually become automatic across all sectors, services and industries rather than it being the specialist investment sector it is today.

One ‘high street’ brand pension and investment firm is already operating on being ‘progressive sustainable’ and tilting across its whole fund range with a view to being ESG compliant across all available funds within two years.

Within 10 years, we expect all funds to be fully ESG compliant. 

Think about it.  You have already been given a unique ‘crystal ball’ gaze into the future of investing.  Where will you invest today?

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