Green Investing ESG Fact Find Questionnaire

Published / Last Updated on 12/03/2021

The UK is a fully signed up member and participant to the Paris Climate Agreement.

The aim is to be carbon neutral by 2050 although the UK has targeted to be carbon neutral much sooner than this.  As part of this strategy, there are already in place Environmentally friendly, Social responsible and corporate Governance (ESG) requirements on larger businesses for sustainability right now.

Larger firms are already required to have an ESG plan and procedures, not just making their own businesses ‘greener’ but also in connection with supply chains, suppliers and more.

This has now filtered down to the financial services market with pension and investment fund managers required to have ESG procedures in terms of the companies that they invest in on our behalf.

More recently, financial advisers are now required to cover this area with clients.

Our response:

We have been developing an ESG client questionnaire since January and with effect from March, we ask all clients to consider ESG in a lot more depth.  Previously, we have always asked clients about their views on socially responsible and ethical investing, but now we must delve deeper.

You do not have to complete the questionnaire, you can elect to not complete by confirming you have no strong views.  We have many clients that have strong views on the environment and many that have no strong views. 

Our ESG questionnaire is optional - download a copy.

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