Is Carbon Negative

Published / Last Updated on 03/11/2021

We are CO2e negative.

As an online, paperless and remote/virtual financial adviser, we have always been carbon emissions friendly. 

We even offer discounts on our fees of up to 25% off our fees to encourage clients to use remote, non-face to face advisory services.

That said, we cannot be completely free of carbon emissions.  We do use electricity, fuel for occasional business mileage and consume other services and products.

We have calculated that for October 2020 to October 2021 for offices and also remote workers, we created 2,146 kgCO2e in total emissions (1,371 kgCO2e in Scope 1 Emissions i.e. petrol/fuel and 775 kgCO2e in Scope 2 i.e. electricity needs – indirect impact).  Source The Carbon Trust.  This is around 2.11 tons of CO2e per year.

This is extremely low given average household emissions are around or above 6,000 kgCO2e per year.

We wanted to go further and become emissions negative.

We now have a new employee benefit in place, where we subscribe and have set up for each employee a ‘Climate Positive Workforce’ via

For our monthly Climate Positive Workforce subscription, all of our office CO2 emissions are offset as well as employee CO2 emissions outside of work too i.e. personal life, by planting trees across the globe to recycle CO2 emissions into oxygen and other benefits for the planet.

Within the first month, we already covered our whole year’s emissions with 70 trees being planted and by the end of the 1st year, the whole of our past 20 years trading emissions are carbon neutral.

We are proud to be do this and hope you appreciate the same.

If you would like to know more or indeed make your own contribution to climate change, click on our profile link, to get an emissions bonus not just for us, but for you too:

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