Ran Out of Time to Use ISA Allowance 050423?

Published / Last Updated on 22/02/2023

Many stocks and shares ISA and pension providers are starting to issue final submission dates for ISA applications and new pension schemes as we head towards tax year end (TYE) on 5th April 2023.  This is now just 7 weeks away.

Many financial advisers will also already have their diaries and work schedule filling up for March as we head towards TYE.

If in doubt get your pension monies invested into an existing pension scheme so that you do not use your allowance if you are tax planning or trying to use carry forward to use up unused tax relief from 2019/20.

Get your money into a new Cash ISA, this can then be transferred to a stock ISA at any time.  At least you will have used your tax-free ISA allowance for 2022/23.

No time to open new ones?  Get your money into an existing ISA account or pension (if you are making pension contributions) and either invest in the same funds and proportions that you already have or ‘cash’ park into any low-risk cash or deposit inside your policy and then we can offer advice to you later.

Remember, use your allowances, or lose them, in particular for ISAs.  Make sure the money is invested , even if in cash, and we can then advise you on a stocks and shares ISA transfer or other funds at your leisure.

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