Check Your End of Tax Year P60

Published / Last Updated on 07/04/2022

The new tax year started yesterday i.e., 06/04/2022 and therefore, if you are employed or a pensioner, your employer and/or pension income provider will shortly, if they have not already be issuing you with your Tax Yer End summary of pay and tax deductions for tax year 2021/22.  The deadline for issuing P60s is the 31st May after the end of the tax year.

Employers do make mistakes as does HMRC with tax codes, so please do check them for accuracy.  If you are not sure or do not know where to start, HMRC has two very handy calculator tools to help you do this:

To estimate your expected tax deductions for the new tax year 2022/23 use:

To check your pay and tax deductions for the tax year just finished 2021/22 use:

Claiming work related expenses

Many employers refund business related expenses but there are many that do not cover all your business, employment, self employed and work related expenses.  For example:

  • Did you work from home during covid-19 lockdown periods?  If your expenses were not refunded, HMRC will allow £6 per week (£312 pa) for increased expenses for energy, light, water, internet whilst working from home.
  • Do you need glasses for work?  Do you use special tools that need sight enhancement or a visual display computer monitor?  You can claim eye test expenses and a contribution towards glasses if they are used for work.  If they are exclusively for work, you can claim the whole cost.
  • Uniforms
  • Uniform cleaning
  • Work boots, tools
  • Chef whites, knives
  • Travel expenses
  • Training courses
  • Professional fees and subscriptions
  • Office equipment for work at home
  • Mobile telephone use

Self-employed expenses see:

Employed work related expenses see:

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