Principle 4 Pension Transfer Advice Specialist Qualified

Published / Last Updated on 07/06/2019

We are required, as Pension Transfer Specialists, to ensure the most appropriate and updated technical skills are applied.

The minimum level of qualification is level 4 (equivalent 1st year degree)

Our advisers are level 6 qualified, 1st Class Honours degree equivalent,  Chartered Financial Planners (the same professional education/qualification level as Chartered Accountants and Solicitors)

All our advisers are Fellows and/or Associates of either or both

  • The Chartered Insurance Institute
  • The Personal Finance Society and are
  • Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as being Pension Transfer Specialists with advanced pension qualifications

All advisers complete a minimum, on average, of around 200 hours per year Continous Professional Development (study, workshops, exams and keeping up to date) as well as focussing many of those hours on pensions.

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