Money MOT Fee Scale

Published / Last Updated on 23/12/2023

Our Money MOT Fees and Costs

Our fees are based upon the amount of policies/plans/funds that we review for you after any initial works or advice are complete.  We believe you should control and have the choice of how all advice including any future money ‘MOT’ advice service be delivered to you and at what cost.  As well as selecting whether you prefer Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum service we also give you additional pricing options to get the best value service for your money.  There are 4 pricing options, allowing you to save up to 25% on Gold and Platinum services and 50% on Silver service.

Platinum ‘Money MOT’ Service Fees: See Platinum

Gold ‘Money MOT’ Service Fees: See Gold

Silver ‘Full Website Access’ Service Fees: See Silver

Bronze ‘Pay As You Go’ Service: See Ad Hoc Product Admin

Or Download: Money MOT Fees Scale

We will discuss and agree the most suitable service level for you because certain policies, pensions or funds may not require ongoing regular reviews.

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