Initial Financial Advice Review

Published / Last Updated on 23/12/2023

Stage 1 - Initial (i.e.  your first) Financial Review: Focused on Insurance, Pensions and Investments
(you may prefer the Complete Holistic Blueprint Review if your financial/tax position is more complex).

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As these are your first dealings with us, we shall conduct an initial review before both you and we agree whether to move to an ongoing Money MOT service or not after the initial review is complete.

In the initial financial review, we research and report on your current insurance, pensions and investment portfolio to include:  This can be focused to keep costs down e.g.  Pensions Review Only with Target Retirement Funding

  • A full review of premiums you pay or have paid
  • The charges
  • Any Penalties
  • Investments returns
  • Current values
  • Future projected values
  • The funds you are invested in and all other available funds to you
  • Our analysis and recommendations for funds and whether to switch to other funds in the same plan
  • Whether you should keep or transfer to another plan for lower charges, more flexibility or funds and performance
  • Any tax issues
  • Cancel any hidden commissions/adviser fees deducted from your plan and paid to previous advisers to enhance your policy
  • Taking into account your views, your current position and future 'life' plans, your investment experience, your desire for complex or simple policies and the current economic climate.
  • We also arrange and handle any or all fund switch instructions. 
  • We will explain in plain English: "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" of your position.

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