Introduction to Money MOT Review Service

Published / Last Updated on 23/12/2023

Financial Reviews - Money MOT - Two Basic Laws of Management:

  • Anything that is not managed will deteriorate
  • Anything that is watched and measured will improve

If you do not service your car it will eventually breakdown.  The same goes for your money.  Spend more on car MOT (depreciating asset) than on your Money MOT?  Do you want to make money, save money and pay less tax?

Markets rise and markets fall.  Are you still invested where you were two years ago? ten years ago?  Did you lock in profits?  Move before falls? Did you invest when markets were low or high?  Are there lower charged newer plans available?

  • Not looked at your pension for 10 years?  What is it's value?
  • Do you know the company your pension or life insurance is with?
  • Lost track?  What is your mortgage rate?  Is it the cheapest rate?
  • Made profits?  Have you protected them? Did you lock in those profits?
  • Lost money? Adapted your plans for new tax or economic rules?
  • Not seen your adviser for years?
  • Still paying hidden commissions? We will stop them

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