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Published / Last Updated on 23/12/2023

GOLD SERVICE - Tailored Ongoing Regular Financial Advice Reviews

After any initial advice/review has been completed, an ongoing advice service may be suitable.  Gold is ideal for those who require a tailored approach to their independent financial advice with annual reviews.

Gold Review Service is our most popular service of all.  Gold Service means that we will review the investments made on our advice at intervals of twelve months and on a date agreed with you.  

What is included in your Gold Service?

  • Records - We maintain a full and complete financial services file throughout the year
  • Deal with Companies - We deal with any queries from insurance, investment or pension companies throughout the year
  • Deal with Authorities - We deal with tax authorities when and where required throughout the year
  • Monitor Investments - We monitor any changes in investment markets throughout the year and notify you if we believe action is needed
  • Monitor Law and Tax - We monitor any changes in law and taxation throughout the year and notify you if we believe action is needed
  • Review - We review your investments made on our advice once a year
  • Advice - We give ongoing advice and make changes to your portfolio where needed once a year
  • Telephone - We offer you unlimited telephone contact - you can telephone us at any time with no extra cost without worrying about huge additional charges
  • Report - We give you a written report once a year on your portfolio and the markets explaining all those statements in plain English, removing all the jargon so that you understand what you have
  • Valuation - We give you a full written report including valuation of transactions made on our advice once a year and an overview of the performance and investment returns
  • Meetings - We have a meeting with you face to face or a remote consultation to discuss ongoing changes once a year.  Additional meetings or full remote consultations with an adviser are chargeable
  • Full website access to the subscription/client/member only pages of at no extra charge
  • Newsletters - We issue our informative, regular newsletters both by email and by post at no extra cost

Who should consider the Gold Service?

  • Every person, family or organisation should have a review of their financial position at least once a year.

Gold ‘Money MOT’ Service Fees:  

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Our fees are based upon the number of policies/plans/funds we review for you.  We believe you should control and have the choice of how all advice including any future money ‘MOT’ advice service be delivered to you and at what cost.  As well as selecting whether you prefer Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum service we also give you additional pricing options to get the best value service for your money.  There are 4 pricing options, allowing you to save up to 25%.

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