Choosing Investment Funds Based Upon Human Behaviour

Published / Last Updated on 14/07/2020

In our initial analysis of funds, we look at charges, performance, volatility in bother stable and in extreme market conditions.  We back test these funds over the last 5 years and compare in 1 year periods within peer group to see whether it is an under or over performer in its sector i.e. are they consistently a good performer in sector or not?

How do we then choose where to invest?

UK, Europe, North America, Far East, Emerging market funds – we look at what we believe each sector will likely be the better performer based upon global economies, interest rates, inflation, government etc.

We also then take into account human nature and behaviour.  As investors but also as consumers and business owners – we look at behavioural science – in recession, people will buy fish and chips rather than expensive restaurants, people will take cheaper holidays.  For example, in a post-covid-19 period, people take holidays at home. 

In a post-covid-19 world, people and businesses have, are and will demand and develop greater technological improvements – the so called next ‘industrial revolution’.

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