Advisers Must Access HMRC Trust Registration Information

Published / Last Updated on 28/03/2023

If you have a trust, you will already be aware that most trusts need to be registered with HMRC on its Trusts Register.

See Trust Register Changes

Included in the Finance Bill 2023 (the Budget) are details that require all providers of investment vehicles that are inside a trust e.g., insurance bonds in a trust, must be given the HMRC trust registration number.

In addition, financial advisers as well as investment firms must be given access to your trust details via HMRC’s Trusts Register.  This can be shared with firms by you authorising online access to details of the Trust, the Settlor (person setting up the trust), the Trustees, the Beneficiaries and any individual who has control over the trust, in some instances referred to as ‘protectors trust’. 

These are now required from April 2023 to assist with countering money laundering or terrorist financing activity as well as ensuring that beneficiaries are up to date as well as verifying source to ensure correct taxation (if any) is applied and paid.

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