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Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021

Advice on your Pension Annuity

Worried, puzzled or confused about your pension annuity?  We are Pension Annuity Advice specialists and make complex Pension Annuity Advice decisions easy for you.  Our Pension Annuity Advisers can help you..

A bigger pension annuity income for life with Pension Annuity Advice from our pension annuity advisers, they will search to find the highest pension annuity rates for your pension fund.

We are pension annuity advice experts: We have won the Individual Pensions IFA of the Year award as well as IFA of the Year and Online IFA of the Year awards at the Financial Times Business Financial Adviser Life and Pensions Awards, we also have specialist pensions and annuity qualifications and we actually teach others in our industry the pensions examinations.  We like to think we know more about pensions annuity than most.

Contact us, for advice and speak to the pension experts about your annuity.




What is an Annuity?

An Annuity is where you give a lump sum of money, for many, this is your pension fund, to an insurance company and they pay you your pension income...  contact us.

Pension Annuity Auction - A Bigger Income for Life

Contact us to complete our pension annuity auction form and we will submit your pension details to all the major and specialist pension annuity providers to secure you the highest annuity pension income possible.

We will then negotiate with them to try and get you an even better pension annuity deal.

Best Buy Annuity Search:  We search to find you the best buy annuity rate.

Every person in this country has a right to search the pension annuity market under ‘open market option’ rules for the best buy annuity or highest annuity pension income they can obtain when they retire. 

Pension Best Annuity Quote Procedure

  • Our best buy annuity auction form is completed by you online or if you prefer we will complete the pension annuity auction form over the telephone with you to find you the best buy annuity rate.
  • Your pension fund details are submitted to leading pension annuity auction providers to find the best buy annuity rate.
  • The pension best buy annuity auction providers reply and make their highest best buy annuity income rate offers.
  • You receive details from the pension best buy annuity auction providers of the pension best annuity offers made and can elect to decline or accept these offers.
  • If a pension annuity offer is acceptable, an application for the enhanced pension annuity is made to the pension annuity auction provider.
  • You start to receive a higher annuity pension income for life.

Best Buy Annuity: Contact us now and speak to us about the best annuity for you.

Enhanced Pension Annuity

Everybody is eligible to shop around for the best pension annuity income they can obtain.  Speak to us and learn how enhanced annuity could help you.

Annuity OptionsAnnuity Options

Annuity Options to choose when you retire

  • Secure Pension Income
  • Guaranteed Pension Income
  • Investment Linked Annuity
  • Advance or Arrears
  • Level or Increasing Annuity
  • Single or Joint Annuity
  • With Proportion Annuity

When deciding on the type of pension annuity you want in retirement, there are many different types of pension annuity and many annuity options that may be offered to you.

The more options you add to your pension annuity, the more expensive the annuity becomes, i.e.  the lower the starting income.

Secure Pension Income

Conventional Annuity Options

What is Secure Pension Income?  Once purchased and secure, the pension income is guaranteed for the rest of your life and is not linked to any rise or fall in investment markets.

Contact us and speak to an expert.

Guaranteed Pension Income

This is where your pension income fund is protected should you die.

There are two types of guaranteed pension income

This option on your annuity pension income should not be confused with older style guaranteed annuity rates offered by some pension companies many years ago.

Investment Linked Annuity Book Now

Advance or Arrears

Try to think of these advance or arrears options as if you were working and getting paid:

  • In arrears - you get paid i.e.  your pension income starts at the end of the month after you invested your pension.

Level or Increasing Annuity

You have a choice when you purchase your annuity to select either:

  • A level pension income annuity that remains the same for the rest of your life.
  • An increasing pension annuity, that starts at a lower level but annuity increases each year either in line with inflation or as a set percentage each year e.g.  3% per year or 5% per year.

Single or Joint Annuity.  

If you are married or in a civil partnership, you can select an annuity option that if you die, your annuity pension income continues to be paid to a loved one.

With Proportion Annuity

Try to think of the with proportion or without proportion annuity options as if you were working and you left employment half way through the month.

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