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Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021

Divorce and Pension Sharing Advice - Sharing Pension Assets on Divorce. 

Why a 'Divorce and Pensions' Channel?

Are you entitled to a share of your ex-spouses pension? Is your ex-spouse entitled to a share of your pension?  Have you had to give up part of your pension and now have a shortfall?  People are generally only interested in their financial well being at the time of a divorce.  

Do not forget the pension! A pension may be the single largest asset within a marriage, please be aware of this fact if your are divorcing or advising on divorce.

What is in Divorce and Pensions:

1.  Pension Transfer Analysis - Final Salary Pension

Our expert pension team has extensive experience in working on cash equivalent figures and pension transfer analysis values as well as providing professional advice for you or your legal representatives.

Part of the service is the research, pension transfer analysis and preparation of pension reports for people involved in divorce negotiations.  We will:

  • Deal with pension scheme trustees
  • Deal with your legal advisers
  • Analyse the pension details
  • Produce a complete report that can be used in divorce negotiations
  • Appear in court as an expert witness if required

Lost pension benefits

If you have lost pension benefits as they are being transferred away you may need to make additional contributions to make up the shortfall.  Check to see if you are allowed to do this by clicking here.

Gained pension benefits

If you have gained an order and need help on where you should transfer you pension benefits to, please contact us for help from our specialist pension transfers advisory service.

Solicitor Pension Service - Experts working with experts.

When dealing with pension matters, you need to be confident that you obtain quality advice for your client.

We are pension experts, we have won the Individual Pensions IFA of the Year and many more other awards and have helped many legal advisers and solicitors with their clients with Pensions Sharing on Divorce matters. 

2. Solicitor Pension Service - Talk to the experts

The starting point is to value the pension and establish the cash equivalent value.  Then this needs to be assessed in terms of the likely benefits that could be provided for the member or the former spouse.  It may be that early retirement pension benefits are not reflected in the value provided by the trustees, the scheme assets may be in surplus or deficit.

  • How should these be valued?
  • What is Pension Simplification?
  • What are Enhanced and Primary Protection?
  • What are section 9.2b rights?
  • How will a Pension Credit affect my client after 2009?
  • Will I be liable for securing a pension that then reduces means tested benefits in retirement?

The divorce and pension team is headed by two highly experienced and qualified advisers who work extensively in the pensions valuation and transfer market.  

Collaborative law

As well as preparing analysis and reports for you, your clients and the courts, we are also actively involved in newer collaborative law negotiations, where we can offer our services to both legal teams and can act independently to produce an unbiased assessment of pensions for both parties or act as experts for just one party if those are your needs. 

Pensions are complex

Pensions and likewise pension transfers can be extremely complex.  There are many investment related regulatory issues that affect pensions and particularly pension transfers and sharing advice.

Pension advisers are required to have passed a specialist examination as well as the firm that they represent being specially authorised to provide advice on certain types of pension transfer.

Pension sharing orders can be applied to all types of pensions which could include occupational pensions, personal arrangements, stakeholder pensions and unfunded schemes, through to second tier state pensions, annuities (pensions in payment) and other types of benefit that are being drawn from pensions - even pension fund withdrawal (sometimes known as income drawdown).

Take a look at our pension team's credentials or request some help about solicitor pension service.






3. Pension Divorce Expert Witness

Our Expert Witness Services

As a result of our expertise in the pensions and financial services sector we are regularly requested to provide independent, expert views and reports in respect of pensions and the value of pensions both for money purchase arrangements and final salary schemes.

These pension divorce expert witness services are normally engaged on a joint parties basis by both sets of legal representatives and we are duty bound to act independently in offering unbiased opinions for the court in pension and other financial services related matters. 

We contract to never act for either party at a future date to ensure that no conflict of interest is possible.

Finance Experts

The company was founded in 2000 and this site is written and managed by husband and wife team, Joanne Roberts and Ashley Clark.   Since our formation, we have won over 30 National Awards for our expert, independent financial advice and services.

Learn more about us in the About Us section.  Learn more about Joanne or Ashley using the links on this page.

Joanne Roberts APFS, ACoI, CeMAP, Cert MP & ER.
Chartered Financial Planner
Managing Director, Roberts Clark IFS Limited






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