Enhanced Annuity Digital Comparisons

Published / Last Updated on 18/06/2021

The pension annuity market has made huge improvements over the last 20 years or so.

Originally, it was the typical, conventional annuity for non-smokers and then an enhanced annuity for non-smokers but with annuities becoming less attractive as gilt yields fell (what is used to underwrite the annuity rate guarantee).

Since those times we have newer fixed term annuities with capital pay back, enhanced annuities for basic health conditions combined with family history and even post code annuity rates based upon where you live.

More recently, enhanced annuities have become even more advanced with full medical history underwritten.

A new service that we benefit from subscribing to is an enhanced annuity with full medical history underwriting comparisons.  In just 20 minutes or so of medical questions, we can now offer you a full enhanced annuity comparison service.

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