2014 Lifetime Allowance Protection

Published / Last Updated on 31/01/2014

The current lifetime allowance is £1.5m, in April 2014 this will fall to £1.25m.There are ways to protect yourself.Fixed protection – Use if you are already at or above £1.5m in pension rights. Must register with HMRC by 05/04/14. You cannot accrue further pension rights. If you do you will lose fixed protection. Individual protection – Must be over £1.25m on 06/04/2014. If you are not, consider paying more in today. Already over £1.25m or will be by 06/04/2014 - You can register for individual protection from 06/04/14 until 05/04/2017. Your lifetime allowance is set at what your pension fund was valued at on 06/04/14. You can make further contributions – Just in case the allowance gap goes up again in the future.Register Both: If you are over £1.5m, register for Fixed Protection and consider registering for Individual Protection after 06/04/2014 just in case you lose fixed protection if your accrue more pension. Individual protection will at least offer you another layer of protection at £1.5m.

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