Why A UK Adviser?

Published / Last Updated on 17/06/2015

UK Adviser - UK Based Advice not Investment from the Financial Adviser of the Year

As an expatriate or someone with international needs, dealing with a UK authorised Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) does not mean you should or will be investing your money in the UK, far from it.  There are many international and offshore tax friendly jurisdictions and investment opportunities.

We are however, suggesting you take your advice from a UK regulated financial adviser that specialises in the needs of the expatriate and international investor.  

UK Regulated Financial Advice is Protected Advice
The United Kingdom financial regulator, the Financial Services Authority FSA, is one of the most powerful financial regulators in the World.  Indeed, other countries are now trying to copy the UK financial services 'policing' model.  

This affords you the protection of financial advice under a closely monitored and supervised regime.  This may not to be the case if you take expatriate financial advice where you are living.

Why Use a UK Expat Financial Adviser?

We are multi-award winning, online independent financial advisers, based in the UK; that specialise in advising British Expatriates all over the World.

We are a UK authorised and regulated firm meaning that you receive and are protected by the following:

  • We specialise in helping expatriates, we are online everyday, this is not a 'snail mail' postal service
  • You can see us on webcam, you can speak to us, you can have your reports and letters in your email in seconds not weeks or worse, lost in post
  • We are highly qualified Chartered Financial Planners
  • We are Independent of any other company
  • Our financial services advice complies with the FSA's Conduct of Business Rules
  • Our Worldwide, and EU compliant, Professional Negligence Indemnity Insurance covers you
  • UK Financial Ombudsman Service - independent complaints arbitration service that we are legally and financially bound by its independent decision should you make a complaint about our advice and compensation be awarded
  • UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme fund protection should we be unable to meet our liabilities
  • No language barrier for advice or indeed in the unlikely event that you need to complain

Contact us for regulated professional advice from a UK adviser.

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