Pension Annuity Enhanced

Enhanced Pension Annuity for people with (or past) health/medical conditions and/or smokers.

An enhanced or 'ill-health' or 'impaired life' annuity offers a higher annuity income rate than a standard/conventional pension annuity for people who have (or have had) health issues such as: Smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks, cancer, kidney/liver/major organ problems, severe asthma, high cholesterol, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis (this list is not exhaustive as other illnesses may be considered).

Medical questionnaire:  A medical conditions questionnaire will be completed and sent to all pension annuity providers that may consider enhanced annuities.  They will underwrite your medical history to determine if they are perpared to offer you an enhanced annuity income.

Options:  Annuity application can be for yourself only i.e.  a single life annuity or a joint lives annuity i.e.  your pension income to continue for your spouse after your death.  We will help with and arrange releasing lump sums, selecting level income or increasing income and other options such as guaranteed income periods and 'in advance' or 'in arrears' payments.

Advice works:  We will conduct in depth research and analysis on annuities (or consolidate into 1 if more than one).  We will compare the maximum annuity income available from the open market with the annuity income rate offered by your existing pension(s).  It will include full research and a schedule of suggested annuity contracts including product type recommendations and provider recommendations and rates.  Application forms, lump sum release forms and any other pension transfer and 'open market option' forms will be handled by us and we deal with all aspects of your application to completion.

More than one pension fund being converted to an annuity? In the order/quotation process you can also select the number of pension schemes you have that are required to be converted to an annuity.

Fixed Fees, nil commission:  We charge set fees and do not charge a % as the time involved to arrange a £50,000 annuity is the same as that for a £100,000 annuity and the risk is relatively low given that we are securing you a guaranteed income for life.

More than 1 Pension to Convert to Annuity?

By default, all online fee quotations offer discounts of up to 25% off standard fees.  If you have more than 1 pension, please use following voucher codes to save even more:

  • ANNX2 - where you have 2 pensions to be converted to annuity.
  • ANNX3 - where you have 3 pensions to be converted to annuity.
  • ANNX4 - where you have 4 pensions to be converted to annuity.
  • ANNX5 - where you have 5 or more pensions to be converted to annuity (maximum 10) - any more and we need to talk.

Pricing / Purchase Options

1. Non Face to Face Paid Upfront
25% Discount
2. Non Face to Face Paid On Completion
15% Discount
3. Face to Face Paid Upfront
10% Discount
4. Face to Face Paid On Completion
Standard Fee

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