Life, Sickness and Critical Illness Insurance Advice Fees

Personal or Business insurance protection is available for all cover options below.

  • Nil Commission:  Life, critical illness and income protection insurance are areas of finance that advisers, agents and brokers can still be paid FULL commission.  Have you ever wondered why you get offered free wills, clocks, pens, cash back, 1st month free etc?  They can afford it with all that 'lovely' commission you are paying for in higher premiums! 
  • Fixed Fees: With our fixed fee, nil commission approach, your premiums are lower every month which may save you many £ hundreds/thousands over the coming years.  Alternatively, we will get you more cover per £ for the premiums that you pay.
  • Fairness - Charge Per Person: Why pay more in premiums (or commissions) just because you need cover for 1, 2, 3, 4 people?  We charge a set fee per person, irrespective of the level of cover needed to reflect the work involved and hopefully, save you money long term. 
  • Free Trusts/Cross Option Help To Save Tax:  For personal cover or business cover, we will (at not extra charge) arrange policies in trust (private or business) plus cross option agreements (business) to ensure benefits are paid quickly and inheritance tax efficient.

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