Mortgage & Remortgage Advice Fees

UK residential, good credit history, poor credit history, buy to let, expat buy to let, large loans, self build, commercial and even SSAS/SIPP pension mortgages.  Select the mortgage service to suit your requirements.  Our fee quotations are in two parts depending upon the way you wish us to work and any fee discount applied:

  • Stage 1: Mortgage Search/ Research Fee (always paid upfront)
  • Stage 2: Application for Selected Mortgage to Completion (paid upfront or on completion)

When you see this: = guidance notes/videos in the quotation form to help you complete your fee quotation.

Two Stages Means Stage 1 Puts You In Control:  We want to put you in control of your mortgage costs.  Many mortgage brokers only research mortgages that are available via "broker only" deals i.e.  they do not include “direct only” mortgage deals.  Likewise, going "direct only" means you will not be shown any "broker only" deals.  We search the whole mortgage market – both Broker Only deals, Direct Only deals and General Availability deals.  This means you get true “Whole of Market” mortgage research and advice.  That said, if the right deal for you is a "direct only" mortgage lender, they will not accept an application via us i.e.  they want you to apply direct (we assume so that can try and sell you other services).  With that in mind, the Stage 1 upfront fee covers our time and research and then if you wish to or must apply on your own, you can and we don’t charge the balance Stage 2 fee.  If you have paid all fees upfront to secure a discount and then the mortgage search is unsuccessful or we suggest a “direct only” deal, we will retain the stage 1 search fee and issue a refund of any overpayment.


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