Paid Time (Minutes) with Remote Adviser

Rate Per Minute: control your costs buying adviser time slots by the minute.  This is a non-face to face remote adviser time service designed to save you costly full advice fees. 

No need to pay for full consultations, research and full, written advice reports if all you need is a 15 minute 'steer' or guidance or some questions answered.  Service provided via:

  • Telephone or Video link call
  • 15 minutes minimum charge

This is a generic, guidance only service and does NOT constitute a full advice service.  We will not make formal recommendations to you.  E.g.: If you ask us "What is the best pension/ISA?", you are asking us to recommend a regulated product that then consitutes regulated financial advice and you should not use this service but select one of the full advice services on pensions, investments or ISAs.

Pricing / Purchase Options

1. Non Face to Face Adviser Time Only
25% Rate Discount

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