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This service is for clients that are NOT using our main product area advised services or ongoing, regular Gold or Platinum Money MOT Services and just want ad-hoc advice or administration works on existing regulated pensions and investment schemes charged on an hourly rate rather than per policy.

This service is for clients that do not want a regular servicing arrangement but may need ad-hoc and irregular hourly rate advice and administration for their existing regulated pensions and investments.  For example, needing to make withdrawals or the movement of money or funds either internally or externally.

Hourly Chargeable Adviser Rate: This is a chargeable financial adviser hourly rate for:

  • Non-standard works outside our usual menu of products and services.
  • Specialist research.
  • Administration time.
  • Travel costs/time (if 'face to face' meetings are required).
  • Additional works requested by you after we have completed some advice works.

Controlling your costs with adviser time charged by the hour.  This is a non-standard adviser time service designed to save you money in billing only for the time that we work for and with you on non-standard works, research or additional administration for regulated pensions and investments. 

For example:

  • I need you to investgate taxation of my investment bonds and need help in full or partial encashment.
  • I need you to explain the pros and cons of the pension that I have and I need advice.
  • I would like some focussed advice or administrative works on my regulated investments inside my Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).
  • I would like some help understanding ESG and Green investment funds with fund advice and recommendations for my ISA.
  • I would like to use you as a 'sounding block' or 'sanity check' on actions that I plan to take with my pensions or investments.
  • I have changed my mind with the advice that you gave me and wish to change my risk profile.

No need to pay for full, written 'suitability' financial advice reports if all you need is a couple or hours research, administration, advice or guidance or some questions answered on specific, existing regulated products.  Service provided via:

  • Telephone or Video link call or Face to Face
  • 1 hour minimum charge

This does NOT constitute a full advice service.  We will make limited formal recommendations to you.  This means that it is not generic and is focussed work on specific tasks for specific and named regulated pensions and investments.

This is an ADVISED Service

  • There is regulated financial advice required.
  • There is a review of the suitability, affordability, tax or legal implications of your instructions.
  • There will be regulated advisory recommendations included.

What is included?

  • Processing your specific fund switch instructions.
  • Movement of money between accounts inside the product.
  • Setting up, changing and administering pension drawdown or investment withdrawals.
  • Bed & ISA transfers for General Investment Accounts (GIA) and Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).
  • Meetings - We will have a meeting with you face to face or a remote consultation to discuss ongoing changes (depending upon fee option selected).
  • Deal with Companies - We deal with any queries from insurance, investment or pension companies regarding any fund switches/changes.

Ad-Hoc Administration Service Fees:  

Our fees are based upon the number of hours that will be required to advise on, research and administer.  We believe you should control and have the choice of how all policy administration services be delivered to you and at what cost.  There are four pricing options, allowing you to save up to 25%.

Pricing / Purchase Options

1. Non Face to Face Paid Upfront
25% Discount
2. Non Face to Face Paid On Completion
15% Discount
3. Face to Face Paid Upfront
10% Discount
4. Face to Face Paid On Completion
Standard Fee

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