Life Insurance Cover up to £250k

PRIVATE or BUSINESS Nil Commission Life Insurance Cover (up to £250,000) - Research, Placement and Application to Completion.

  • We will compare hundreds of life insurance protection products and rates on a NIL COMMISSION basis.
  • We charge fees to ensure no commission is taken to either REDUCE PREMIUMS to secure you the LOWEST MONTHLY PREMIUM for the insurance cover you need.
  • Nil commission to secure you the HIGHEST LEVEL OF COVER/SUM ASSURED for the premium that you can afford.
  • We will assess the feasibility and suitability for your application.
  • We will research, review and compare to recommend a suitable policy(ies) for you.
  • Personal Cover: We will discuss with you and arrange for the policy to be in Trust (if needed) to ensure your loved ones/beneficiaries receive funds quickly and also protect from inheritance taxes (if applicable).
  • Business Cover: We will discuss with you and supply Keyperson Calculations, Directors Share or Partnership Share Agreements and Trust arrangements.
  • We will provide you with a full written report of our recommendations and the reasons for making those recommendations, in respect of your requirements. 
  • We will NOT proceed until you understand and are happy with the recommendations made.
  • We will deal with the application and any doctors reports or medical examinations if required.

Fees are discounted up to 25% depending upon how you wish us to work.  There are four low cost, fixed fee options: two options where you pay our fees upfront and two options where only the research fee is required upfront.

Pricing / Purchase Options

1. Non Face to Face Paid Upfront
25% Discount
Fixed Fee : Per Person (Upfront) - £907.50
2. Non Face to Face Paid On Completion
15% Discount
Fixed Fee : Per Person (Completion) - £1,028.50
3. Face to Face Paid Upfront
10% Discount
Fixed Fee : Per Person (Upfront) - £1,089.00
4. Face to Face Paid On Completion
Standard Fee
Fixed Fee : Per Person (Completion) - £1,210.00

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