Is Equity Release Safe?

Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021

Is My Home Safe With Equity Release?

Are you worried about being made to move out of your home or losing it?

Basic Equity Release Advice Rules to follow:

  • We are independent financial advisers fully authorised by the financial regulator in the UK
  • We have full professional insurance
  • We have special equity release qualifications set by the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • You should only use reputable advisers

We only recommend ERC registered equity release schemes that have signed up to the ERC code of practice:


  • You have no negative equity guarantee
  • You can never be moved out of your home
  • You will not lose your home
  • You are in control

You and your home are safe with equity release provided you take advice from a reputable firm of financial advisers.  Contact us today.

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