Equity Release Family Decision

Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021

Involve The Family in Equity Release

  • You are an adult
  • You have managed your financial affairs all your life
  • You did not "lose your marbles" when you turned age 60

Why do you need help now?

The simple answer is you do not need to get the family or friends involved, it is your money and your home after all.

We just feel it is wise with such a big decision to consider discussing it with your family or friends.

They may offer help or they could have an alternative view.

When making these large decisions it is usually always in your interests to get as wide a view as you can beforehand.

Family Equity - Family Buy Your Home

As an alternative to equity release, we always ask whether you have family that could work with you.

It is usually better if you plan to equity release to consider keeping it in the family.

Family members may be able to assist and if it means interest or property equity is signed over to family members, this may be better than helping equity release companies make money.

Think about it and do talk to your relatives, and consider family equity.

If in doubt, talk to our expert team, confidentially and we can help you.

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