Equity Release Legal Advice

Published / Last Updated on 13/12/2018

Equity Release Legal AdviceEquity Release Legal Advice

Think of equity release like any other mortgage.  A lender is either buying a share of your property or lending you money against the value of the property.

Therefore, a legal adviser such as a solicitor or qualified property conveyancer will be involved.

It means there will be legal fees much in the same way as when you buy or sell a property.

Equity release is a big decision and in many cases a "no going back" decision.

As such, rules in place that you must be protected and have all the advantages and disadvantages of equity release explained to you before going ahead.

We as financial advisers will complete a comprehensive consultation and advice process to ensure you fully understand what you are entering into.

As equity release is a charge or sale of a share of a property, you will also need a solicitor.

Your solicitor is also required at length to explain the plus and minus points of equity release and then sign a certificate to confirm they are happy that you understand equity release and what you are doing.

Many solicitors do not offer equity release legal advice.  We can help you find a solicitor that specialises in equity release.