International Life Insurance

Published / Last Updated on 13/05/2021

Key facts affecting your International Life Insurance needs:

  • Where you live.  Are you resident in the UK or resident overseas?
  • Are you still ‘ordinarily’ resident?  Just because you are resident overseas does not mean you are free of UK resident taxes
  • Whether you are still domiciled in the UK or have acquired a domicile of choice
  • Tax and trust laws in one country differ to others as do UK tax treaties with those countries
  • Your protection needs: international life Insurance or international income protection for illness whilst working overseas?

Expert International Life Insurance Help:

We are experts in international financial planning.

People contact us from all over the World everyday.  We can help you with the following;

  • Protection planning before you leave the UK
  • Protection planning before you return to the UK
  • Protection planning if you have already left the UK
  • Your UK or overseas medical records and access for insurance company assessment if needed
  • General tax planning, trust planning and help for your country of interest.

For expert advice on insurance contact the experts.

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