Initial Review of Existing Policies, Plans, Pensions

A 'one-off' review of current/existing insurance, pensions and investment plans:  Finding the good, the bad and the ugly in your pensions, investments and insurance plans.

We will conduct independent, unbiased, in depth research, advice and analysis to review your existing policy/plan/pension charges, fund choices and performance.  It will include a full review of premiums you pay, the charges, investments returns, values, the funds you are invested in and all their available funds to you with our analysis and recommendations for fund switches, retention or transfer paying particular attention to your attitude towards risk and the current economic climate based upon your given income/growth profile and other requirements.  It will include research and a full written suitability report on any suggested portfolio changes and funds recommendations.  The fee includes:

  • Named investment fund sector and specific investment fund recommendations in line with your attitude towards risk
  • We will arrange and handle any/all fund switch instructions.
  • CANCEL HIDDEN COMMISSIONS: To make you receive the lowest ongoing fund management/product services fees and charges from pensions and investment companies we will also, where applicable, cancel any hidden 'legacy' commissions or regular trail fees paid to previous advisers.  Over a period of time, this may save you hundreds/thousands in additional charges that would have been deducted from your funds and paid to any prior adviser meaning more money stays in your funds.
  • We do not handle client investment money and will only accept money payable for our agreed advice fee
  • VAT free as majority of works are for intermediation on regulated products.

NOTE: This task does not include works to transfer policies to another company or to assist in any encashment or partial encashment.  This may involve additional works and we may discount that additional work given the works already completed above.  This initial review is a 'one off' review and not part of our ongoing Money MOT Review Service.  Any ongoing Silver, Gold or Platinum MOT Review Service you select (if any) will only commence with your authority after any initial review is completed.

Fees are made up of two parts to make up the total fee:

  1. Fixed Fee Element - this is a fixed, flat fee per review.  There are core elements that we do for all reviews such as ' factfinding' i.e.  leaning about you, you financial position, your requirements, your objectives, your financial knowledge and experience and your attitude towards investment risk and tolerance towards investments losses.  Whether you need  5 X pensions reveiwing or 1, the same 'timed core work' and analysis is required.  Up to 25% discounts apply when selecting Non Face to Face/Remote services and/or Paid Upfront.
  2. Policy Numbers Element – this is a 'one off' fee based upon the number of policies/plans/pensions you need us to review.  It is representative of the work that we do for you.  E.g.  If you need 5 pensions reviewing, this is 5 X the work of reveiwing just 1 X pension plan, hence a proportionate charge for this.
  3. These are 'ONE OFF' fees.  There is NO ONGOING % adviser charge paid to us, unlike many other advisers who take an ongoing % each year meaning more of your investment and growth stays in your fund.

Pricing / Purchase Options

1. Non Face to Face Paid Upfront
25% Discount
Part 1 : Fixed Fee (Upfront) - £508.20
Part 2 : Fee per Plan (Upfront) - £199.65
2. Non Face to Face Paid On Completion
15% Discount
Part 1 : Fixed Fee (Completion) - £575.96
Part 2 : Fee per Plan (Completion) - £226.27
3. Face to Face Paid Upfront
10% Discount
Part 1 : Fixed Fee (Upfront) - £609.84
Part 2 : Fee per Plan (Upfront) - £239.58
4. Face to Face Paid On Completion
Standard Fee
Part 1 : Fixed Fee (Completion) - £677.60
Part 2 : Fee per Plan (Completion) - £266.20

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