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Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021


Investment Advice from our 30+ Award Winning Team

We give you professional help and advice for your savings and investment planning?

  • Unhappy with investments?  We can give you expert investment advice
  • Don't understand investment?  We can make investments easy
  • Does the value yo-yo?  We can advise on how to stop this
  • Complex statements? Our advisers explain them
  • Are investments broken?  We can fix your investments
  • Want Tax Free investment? Get tax efficient investment advice
  • Want Low Charges? Ask about fixed fee commission discount investment advice
  • Want investments that grow? Regular investment advice service may help

Speak to an adviser today and request expert investment advice.

How to Save Money.

Savings and Investment Advice.  There are over 28,000 different savings and investments funds available to a UK investor meaning many different ways to save money.  We can search and find the right investment plan and fund for you.

  • Would you like your money to work harder for you?
  • Would you like to protect your savings and investments from the tax man? 
  • Would you like to reduce your charges and get more of your money invested?

Slash your investment charges:

By investing with us, our discounts on charges have an immediate impact on investment returns.  More of your money is invested for you and not taken in charges. 





Reduce the charges on your investments by talking to our savings and investment experts.

Whether saving for a rainy day or investing a lump sum.  Whatever your savings and investment needs are, Savings Adviser .com is for you.  We have hundreds of:

  • Savings and Investments for Individuals
  • Savings and Investments for Pensioners
  • Savings and Investments for Business
  • Savings plans for children or for education fees funding

Whether it is a £1.00 a week or a £1,000,000 you have to save and invest, we will help you find the right plan for you. 

Reduce Policy Charges

Let us reduce and cut your policy charges

Financial advisers, insurance company agents and bank staff have to earn a living.  They do this normally by taking commissions on policies that they sell.

  • You pay for their wages, bonuses and plush offices through the charges on your policy
  • Is this the best deal for you or for them?
  • We offer fixed commission and fixed fee based advice
  • This may mean huge discounts on your policy charges
  • Control - you choose how we work: commissions, discounts or fees

'Commission' Discounts:  Up to 100%

The word 'commission' technically disappeared from financial advice services in 2013.  When receiving 'advice' your adviser is supposed to quote you a fee.  Many financial advisers still quote percentages of investments and an ongoing service trail %.  This, in our opinion, is 'commission' in all but another word. 

The bigger issue is when you DO NOT RECEIVE ADVICE - staggeringly, commission can still be taken.  Meaning some people may pay more for no advice than if they hade sought advice. 

We will always quote and charge a set, fixed, fee for advice.  This fee can be paid by invoice or the same amount can be paid from the investment policy.    If you do not wish to pay a fee for advice, we will work on a fee offset basis from the investment but only up to the fee amount agreed with you beforehand.  Depending upon what it is you require, we can honestly say we offer commission discounts up to 100%. 

We believe that you can significantly improve your pensions, investments and insurance premiums by working on a discounted fee basis with us.

Even Better - Fantastic - Nil Commission Investment and Pension Contracts and Nil Commission Protection Policies:

  • Working on a fee basis, we obtain fully discounted charges on investment contracts for our clients
  • Working on a fee basis, we obtain cheaper life insurance and protection premiums for our clients

We are independent and can choose from the whole market of insurance and investment companies for you.

Fee Based Advice: contact us about working on a fixed commission or a one off fee and working on a nil commissions basis.

Read our Commissions versus Fees article - Johnny Salesman 

How We Deliver Investment Advice

  • You contact us and we then will respond and usually book a call back to discuss your needs and requirements as part of our free initial consultation process.
  • At this stage, we will not take any personal information, on basic details as to your position, needs and investment requirements or objectives e.g.  low risk, high risk, income, growth, tax planning.
  • We will offer you solutions and options and will also discuss our fees and explain in detail how we work.
  • We then email you, again at no charge or obligation, our fee scale together with information and links to videos and articles explaining the possible investment solutions.
  • By offering a fixed fee, you have the confidence to know that we are not going to recommend what type of investment over another because it suits us or our 'pockets', you know that we are being paid a fixed fee to act in your best interests.
  • You are then free to compare our services to others.
  • Assuming you decide to use our services, we will then issue our formal fixed fee quotation to you for signature.
  • Upon receipt, a more in depth discussion will take place with you about needs, requirements, personal information for example:  There was no point taking your date of birth or address until this time when you are happy to use our service.
  • We then complete our research and advice and issue a full written report of our recommendations.

For help slashing your policy charges and getting a better deal for your hard earned money when investing, contact us and get expert financial advice.

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