10 Minute Will Writing Service

Published / Last Updated on 14/07/2014

Video to introduce our 10 minute will writing service, professionally bound, easy to do and gives you and your family financial security.


"Hello again. Our will writing services.

A will is quite an emotive thing where I've seen reports and figures published where, you know, sometimes they publish up to 70% of the population have not made a will.  And that's clearly a difficult one because many of us have a fear of thinking about death and many others have a fear about well if, you know, putting something in writing in terms of doing our will.

I just thought I would introduce our will services anyway and then talk to you about the basic requirements in terms of what we offer as far as I will writing service and why you should do it. 

So the 'long and the short' : how does our will writing service work?  We offer face-to-face will writing services, we also offer very easy telephone and email based will services.  Literally, in 10 minutes I can take your basic will instructions and have your will prepared for you, clearly in draft format initially, just in case we need to make any changes or anything like that.  But the 'long and the short', making your will is a very, very simple process.

We take your details verbally e.g. by telephone, I can do in the next 10 minutes if you want.  We then prepare your will.  We send that draft will to you by email or by post if you're not on email and then you run through it, make any tweaks or changes that you need to do and then we prepare your fully bound will.  [And] it is as simple as that.

For you, in terms of thought process and involvement, usually no more than 10 minutes and it's job done. 

In terms our will writing services, costs involved:

Will writing starts at about £105 for a will,  if you have face-to-face it will be slightly more expensive [but] we offer individual will writing services, we'll do mirror wills for couples if you if you want to mirror you wills.

Clearly, if you want to make individual wills no problem.

We. then, also offer an advanced will and tax planning service if you want to do some estate planning, making use of putting some form of trust inside you will etc.  and I would talk to about that when we speak, so don't worry about it.

It's actually quite simple and quite effective tax planning. But reasons why you should make you will very, very quickly as I have done other videos on this but simple reasons why it may make a will:

1. if you've got children you need to appoint guardians

2. if you make your will then you don't die intestate.  If you die intestate, that's death without a will, then that can present its own problems where, basically your estate then would be dealt with in accordance with law, the Intestate Estates Act, whether that's in England Wales or different rules in Scotland and Northern Ireland.  You then don't decide where your money goes to, it's actually the law that decides.  What a lot of people don't know is dying without a will, well that doesn't mean your spouse or your loved one are going to get all of your money.  It may be that, that has to be set aside and held in trust the children and things like that, so your spouse may not be able to look after themselves properly should you should you pre-decease them.

So, make your will!  It is comparatively, quite easy it then puts in writing what your wishes are.  In terms of our will writing service, sadly many of our wills have been to court in terms of the probate court to be registered for probate so legally they work etc.  [And] it's just a case of, I think to be honest, if you spend more money on paying your mortgage or paying for a car or something like that each month and you haven't sorted your will out, well there's something wrong there in terms of needing to take care of our loved ones and making sure that we've made the right plans for them in accordance with your wishes.

[So] don't put it off!  Get your will sorted.  Speak to me, I can get it moving in 10 minutes.  Thanks very much for watching."

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