The 12 Pension Options At Retirement

Published / Last Updated on 21/06/2021

This is a series of videos that will help you with the 12 different retirement options you had in the past, you may have now and you may have in the future when you get to retirement age decision making time.  What options you may have and what you can do with your pension fund.

  1. Lifetime Annuity with existing pension provider
  2. Open Market Option to buy a Lifetime annuity with a new pension provider
  3. Short Term Annuity
  4. Investment Linked Annuity
  5. Phased Retirement or Staggered Vesting Annuities
  6. Third Way Annuity
  7. Full Capped Drawdown
  8. Phased Capped Drawdown
  9. Full Flexible Access Drawdown
  10. Phased Flexible Access Drawdown
  11. Defined Benefit Annuity and Lump Sum
  12. Optional Pension Options for Older Schemes Pre 1987, 1987-1989, Post 1989 and Pre 1997.

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