Tax Free Childcare

Published / Last Updated on 27/03/2017

The tax free childcare scheme starts on 28th April and you can pre-register from 22/03/2017.

How Tax-Free Childcare works

  • Parents apply online for Childcare account (you can pre-register now)
  • Registered childcare providers, nannies, nurseries, school clubs also need to register
  • 20% tax relief on childcare for every £8 you put in, the government will add £2
  • Parents, family and friends can pay in.  The relief is added to the account automatically.
  • Maximum £2000 per child per year up to age 11
  • Maximum £4000 per disabled child per year up to age 17
  • Parents then pay for childcare by sending funds from their childcare account to the childcare provider’s account.
  • You must be working and earn over £120 per week but below £100,000pa.

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