Remote Non Face to Face Financial Advice

Published / Last Updated on 20/03/2020

A free 30 minute consultation and then up to 25% discounts off financial, pensions, investment, tax, trusts, wills, insurance and estate planning advice fees by getting remote financial advice.

For 20 years we have specialised in offering remote financial advice to people in the UK and expats all over World.  We offer online and remote financial advice by:

  • Email - no additional costs to you
  • Postal - no additional costs to you if in UK using our Freepost service
  • Telephone - Secure, recorded secure and no call costs to you - we will call you
  • Video Link - Secure, recorded service, no software needed and no video call costs to you - we will send you a link
  • Skype and Facetime - calls and video link available but we prefer using our own, paid for, secure services

All financial advice calls are confidential with initial contact and formal advice only given by the Husband/Wife directors of this firm Ashley and Joanne Roberts-Clark.  Yes, we have employees but it is us two only that will advise you.

What happens next?

  • Book a call back or Contact us
  • Contact us: We will respond to you the same day or within 24 hours
  • Call back:  We will telephone you/set up a video call back for the date and time requested
  • 30 minute free consultation - we will discuss your needs and requirements - if we can help you in that time and no further advice is needed then great, if formal, regulated advice is needed we will explain our fee structure verbally
  • Fees in writing:  Confirmed by email the same day or next (if a late call) before you decide whether to use our services
  • Up to 25% discount for non-face to face, fees paid upfront
  • Up to 15% discount for non-face to face, fees paid at the end when you are happy works are complete

We are experts in this field and have many hundreds of satisfied clients that feel safer in getting remote advice in your own home from award winning (35+ awards) IFAs and Chartered Financial Planners without a sharp suited saleperson walking through your door.  We wear flips and have an office dog, no sharp suits and high pressure salespeople here.

Coronavirus, Self Distancing and Self Isolation (update added 20/03/2020)

The coronavirus is more serious than many realise.  Please make sure you do what the government has asked us all to do: self distance and self isolate as much as physically possible, please make sure you have a support network if possible.  If you are stuck and need help and have nowhere to turn, contact us and we will try and help.  We can get through this together.  If we stick to simple rules, many can avoid catching or spreading the virus.  There is no cure or vaccine right now so WE ALL MUST PLAN to NOT GET INFECTED.  Protect yourself, your loved ones and our emergency workers.  All our staff are already working from home and we can still offer full remote advice services.  Husband and wife directors, Ashley and Joanne, are self isolating as advised but will turn on office systems everyday (it is just a 3 minute commute, on foot, front door to the office everyday) and will deal with all incoming post/your advice works.  We are currently allowed to open the office each day as Financial Services is considered a 'key worker' status as clients still need tax, pensions, investments dealing with and paying out but we will not allow any face to face contact.  If we are not allowed to travel, we will then take all hardware systems home and create a mini-office there, so that full services can still continue.

Given the government's emergency funding of 3 months pay for most, rental and mortgage holidays etc also for 3 months, we believe the government is working on the highest live case infection numbers to be in the next 2 months and then it will stabilise with regular numbers of infections over the next 6 to 12 months.  This, we believe is to help the NHS cope.  We may by then have a treatment for those infected and/or a vaccine for those not infected and we can then all resume normal lives, albeit perhaps with changed perpectives.

Our plan for us, our family and our staff is to ride this out and not mix at least until a treatment/cure and/or vaccine is found.  Look after yourselves, take care and be safe.  We are still here to help when you need us.

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