Free Financial Advice Consultation

Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021

30 Minute Free Financial Advice Consultation - worth between £60 and £80 (this is based on standard hourly rates)

You Have Nothing To Lose - our qualified financial advisers have won over 30+ National Financial Adviser Awards

  • You can contact us for free - Contact Form  - Book A CallBack
  • We call you at no cost to you
  • We offer an unbiased opinion on your position - no obligation
  • Ask An Expert Only?  If you are seeking answers to specific technical questions only and not looking for a financial adviser, then the free consultation may not be for you.  Technical Q&As that we are then liable for any information that we have to research or put in writing to you form part of our Ask An Expert service (which is free to existing clients) but chargeable to non-clients:  Ask An Expert.
  • If you are looking for a financial adviser then our free consultation is for you as we recognise you need to talk to us, understand how we work and get basic opinions on your position before acting.

"There must be a catch"  We hear you say ....

How can you afford to offer free financial advice consultations?  Cards on the table ......

  • The Financial Services Industry has a terrible reputation.
  • Your money is too important to you to risk poor advice yet again.   Our money and our time are equally important to us.
  • You will only discover what we do, what we think about money and more importantly your money by exploring our website and then talking to us (at no cost)
  • We offer initial consultations at no cost because many people who contact us are quite surprised and refreshed by what we tell them about their financial position, are suprised by our clear, transparent fee structure (without commission) and then normally decide to take our advice, it is that simple.

No Salespeople - That is a Promise!

We are award winning independent financial advisers not insurance salepeople.  We guarantee you will not be 'sold' to, you will not be pressured into making any decision at any stage, you decide what happens to you, your money and when.  We want you to become our client, not to be turned off by a 'sales pitch'.  The only way we know how to do this is to do the best job we can for you.  You have nothing to lose by contacting us and everything to gain.

Free Financial Advice Consultation:  Our awarding winning Financial Advisers opinions of your position at no cost.

Save Money - Make Money - Pay Less Tax

  • Get SAVINGS that GROW
  • Help you PAY LESS TAX
  • EXPLAIN COMPLEX Statements
  • FIX BROKEN Policies - RAISE BUSINESS Capital

Our first financial advice consultation with you is at our expense, it is a free financial advice consultation. 

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What to Expect in Your First Financial Consultation

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