Fixed Fee Independent Financial Advice

Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021

Fixed Fee Financial Advice

Comparing our fixed fees to a bank or a % based financial adviser for pensions, investing, insurance: 

  • Did they offer you a choice?
  • Did they tell you exactly how much they will get paid?  It used to be called commission?  Now, it is called an 'adviser fee' but it is usually still as a %
  • Is your adviser acting in your best interests or theirs?
  • Are they actually giving you advice or is it a 'none advised sale' - i.e.  full commission, no liability - Did you know that "no advice" sales can still be paid full commission?
  • Do they only offer their company's products?  I.e.  Are they acting for you or are they acting for their employer?

Avoid the 'commission/adviser fee' hungry bank/adviser/sales people, selling their own plans or making their fees difficult to understand with %'s here and there.

Clear, Transparent Fixed Fee

  • No hiding, no selling techniques.  We will quote you a straight, fixed £Real Number fees and not hide behind %.
  • We consider the whole market with fixed fees and nil commission pensions, investments and insurance. 
  • We search the whole market to select for you what we believe is the best for you from multiple choices or products and companies.
  • There is no bias.  We have already agreed a set fee with you, so their is no bias towards one product or solution or fund or another.

Take a look at how fixed fees can improve your finances






Get A Better Deal with Us - Discount, Fixed Costs, Nil Commissions and Fixed Fees May Mean You Pay Less:

  • We offer financial advice on a written, fixed cost quotation basis, saving you % adviser fees, nil ongoing trail % fees and nil commissions (where applicable).  
  • We will charge you a set fee up to an agreed amount and take zero fees of payments from your policies to make sure you get lower and discount policy provider charges and costs.  We will advise you on a fee only, nil commissions only basis.
  • Helping you Save Money and Make Money
  • By keeping our costs low with zero % amounts deducted from funds to pay our fee, we are able to deliver award winning, competitive, good value for money financial advice, products and services.

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