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Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021

Advice to Reduce Your Tax Bill - What do you love more?  The Tax Office or Your Own Pocket?

The UK's Tax Waste Mountain Grows

80% of UK adults will contribute to waste an average of £5 billion pa paid in unnecessary tax.

Personal tax levels have also soared from a collective £40.5 billion to £149 billion over the past 20 years for all UK adults.

Although millions people resent rising tax bills, many admit to not taking steps to reduce their tax.  This means UK adults are currently throwing away an around £200 pa each on tax.

We have literally hundreds of ways to help you smash, slash and reduce your tax bill.

Tax Smashers: Let Us Reduce, Slash and Smash Your Tax Bill.

  • Did you know that some investments are tax free?
  • Did you know that some investments get up to 40% tax relief?
  • Did you know that some investment 'interest' can postpone tax on income for up to 20 years?
  • Did you know that some investments are not means tested?
  • Did you know that you can reduce inheritance taxes immediately at the stroke of a pen?

1. Gift to Charity

Gift Aid and Payroll Gifts - Expert Income Tax Advice

There are 2 main tax-efficient ways of making charitable donations:

  • Gift Aid
  • Employee Payroll Gifting

Gift Aid

Gift Aid was introduced to encourage charitable donations giving tax relief on the value of the gift.

Provided the Charity has your personal details such as a name and address, they are able to reclaim basic rate tax relief.

Employee Payroll Gifting

If your employer runs such a scheme, you are allowed to request that a deduction is made from your pay, before taxes, for a gift to charity.  In this way, you receive relief on the gift made.  The monies are then passed to the charity.

In specie gifts of assets

You are allowed to directly transfer a range of assets to charities and claim tax relief on the gift:

  • Shares
  • Unit trusts and OEICS
  • Property

2.  Tax Efficient Investments

Tax Free Investment

A number of investments are paid free of income tax:

Tax-Relief on Investment

Number of investments qualify for tax relief on the initial contributions made.

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