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Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021


Tax Advice

"Taxation without representation is tyranny", James Otis (1725-1783).  This was true and still is true today. 

Daylight Robbery! 

Whether it is the Window Tax, a luxury tax levied on properties in the 18th Century which literally meant that people bricked up their windows, thus depriving people of daylight in their homes - "Daylight Robbery" or the introduction of Income Tax, started by William Pitt The Younger, to fund the UK's Napoleonic Wars with France, tax is here to stay.

The UK tax system via HMRC is perhaps the most complex of all Government or Crown departments.  Here is just a sample of some of the taxes we face every day:

  • Income Tax - with the right help, we will help you claim the right allowances and offset expenses against your tax bill
  • Capital Gains Tax - let us make sure your capital gains tax calculation is accurate
  • Inheritance Tax - We have 15 plus ways to help you reduce the inheritance tax liability so that more of your money is left to your loved ones
  • Mansion Tax - Just like "Daylight Robbery", it is on its way.  What are the pitfalls of owning larger properties?  Why is HMRC targeting those that own property via a corporate structure?
  • Bedroom Tax - Not a tax as such, but a reduction in benefits if you have too many rooms.  Are the rooms big enough?  Do you have a valid reason to use another room for another purpose so that you do not have benefits reduced.
  • Value Added Tax - help with VAT registration, de-registration and ensuring that you are charging the right VAT and indeed whether you should use standard VAT, cash accounting VAT or flat rate VAT.
  • Fuel Duty, Tobacco Duty, Alcohol Duty
  • Landfill Tax
  • Carbon Emissions and Company car tax - get help on company cars and whats the best way to run a car for business in - company car? Private car allowance? 
  • Council Tax, Commercial Rates
  • Corporation Tax - help on ways to structure your business to reduce corporation tax liabilities and the best way to pay yourself as a director - dividends v salary?
  • Dividend taxation - how do you work out the tax credit when filing your return and you have shares?  If you are a director, what is the best way to extract profit from your company?
  • Stamp duty land tax - we all face this when we buy a home, are there ways to curb this?
  • Life Insurance tax and Chargeable Gains - Non qualifying life insurance policies such as bonds are extremely tax efficient for high rate tax payers and/or pensioners.  Why?
  • Taxation of trusts - some trusts need to file tax returns, others do not.  Is it worth protecting your assets with a trust?

....  we could go on.

Tax Compliance - Help Needed

  • The completion of self-assessment tax returns for individuals, self-employed and partnerships is now a matter of routine for most people.
  • In addition companies complete both audited and non-audited accounts and VAT returns regularly.
  • To complicate matters, HMRC has changed many of the tax rules for expatriates who may feel they are non-resident for UK tax, but with the Statutory Residence
  • HMRC is becoming more aggressive with tax collection, late penalty fines and tax investigations.

Tax Advice is Virtually Compulsory Now

  • Tax advice is essential to ensure compliance.
  • Tax advice is essential to prevent any mis-filing, late submission or tax penalties.
  • Expert tax advice from out team with help you save money, make money and pay less tax. 
  • Need help with tax and taxation advice?  We help businesses and individuals cut their taxes every day.

Paying too much tax?

Income tax, savings tax, profits tax, gains tax, investments tax, rentals tax, payroll taxes, offshore taxes - you name it our tax advice will save it.

How can our tax advisers help you? 

We have hundreds of simple, cost-effective and legal ways to save you tax.  Our tax experts will help you save tax legally and without any "obscure" tax evasion strategies.

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