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Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021

Savings and Investment Income

Savings and Investment income is taxable.

To help you, we have categorised the different types of income tax rules and rates as follows:

  • Normal Income Tax - use for all your normal earned and pension income and property income
  • Shares Income Tax
  • Savings Income Tax
  • Life Insurance Income Tax

Different investment income sources are taxed using relevant rules:

  • Bank and Building Society Interest - use Savings Tax rules
  • Shares Dividends - use Shares Tax rules
  • Unit trusts, Investment Trusts and OEICS income - use Shares Tax rules
  • Gilt and Corporate Bond Income  - use Savings Tax rules
  • Purchased life Annuity Payments - use Annuity Tax rules
  • Life Insurance Income - use Life Insurance rules

Expenses deduction

No deductions are allowable against savings and investment income.

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