Documents We Need - Identity Verification, Fact Find, Authority Letters

Published / Last Updated on 20/07/2022

When you accept a fee quote and appoint us we will usually ask you to complete and send to us a combination of the following documents:

  • Identity Verification Documents such as passport, driving licence, proof of address.
  • Fact Find Questionnaire - basic financial details, requirements, investment experience, risk profile, tolerance to losses.
  • ESG (Green) Questionnaire - views on socially responsible, envioromentally friendly, good governance and sustainable investing.
  • Info.  Authority Documents - given your permission for us to talk to your pension, investment and insurance companies.
  • Other relevant information - e.g., copies of pension statements

Once you understand what documents we may need, we suggest you take a look at the following:

Upload Documents Here: My Documents

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