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Published / Last Updated on 30/10/2018

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You are an expert in what you do. 

Whether your an expert in the work that you do or an expert in looking after your home and family, you trust your judgement to do your best.  If you want a gas cooker fitted or a gas boiler serviced, you are required to have a fully trained gas engineer to install and service your appliances.  It is the same in the job that you do, would you trust a financial adviser to come into your place of work and perform your duties without training or experience.

Do I need a Pension Expert?

Our levels of personal interest and expertise in our pension planning will vary.  For some people, you must take advice early, for others who are more active with their pensions, you may only need expert help with the more complex areas of pension investment, taxation and law given that there is new law that affects pensions virtually every single year.  Over a 45 year working period, we suggest there may be 45 different pieces of legislation that affect you, your pensions and your retirement options.

The wise approach to successful retirement planning is knowing when to look after things yourself and when to call in an expert. 

Puzzled by Pensions?  The average person in the UK can build many pension pots throughout their working career and unless you sit down, take time out and read through all of the paperwork and pension projections, how can anybody possibly plan accurately for retirement?

Confusing statements?  Every year you receive an array of statements that can mean very little some.  We can offer pension advice, explain all those pension statement in plain English.  For those that need more, we can

Compare and analyse each pension

  • Establish charges
  • Funding position
  • Target pensions
  • How much you should pay in
  • Make internal fund switches
  • Consider consolidating pensions to achieve lower overall pension charges and this grow pension funds quicker

Advice on Pensions?  Need expert advice?  We are here to help.  Get some expert pension advice here: Complete our contact form or book a callback

Broken Pensions with poor investment returns?  There is a reason for this and we can work with you to fix them

High Charges Hurt Growth Want Them StoppedGet Bigger Pension Funds

Lower charges mean much bigger pensions.  We can offer pension advice to compare what you have with what is available from other pension companies.  With expert advice, we will give you projection comparisons for the same pension values on old pensions and newer, transparent pensions to see if you can get better value for money.

Larger Income Annuities

The difference between the annuity income rate your pension company may offer at retirement and other annuity specialists can be extremely high.  Some pension companies also offer enhanced, ill-health and smoker annuities.  With pension advice, we will search and find you the highest annuity pension income for life.

Need Cash

Are you thinking of unlocking a pension tax free cash lump sum from your pension fund?  You will need to consider whether your current pension schemes offer this service, whether there are penalties, whether transfer is the right pension option.  Will you lose valuable guarantees hidden in your pension?  Releasing tax free cash, whilst a simple option, it is a complex area that needs all options investigation to ensure you gain the best cash release options without losing valuable benefits.  Expert pension help is needed.

Self-Invested Pensions SIPP

Your pension can buy property, your pension fund can have a mortgage.  Your pension fund can have a share portfolio that you decide which shares and you control the share trading of your pension fund.  There is a huge array of self-invested pensions via SIPPS and SSAS that can offer you this flexibility and control. 

So where do you start with your pensions?  Who do you trust to secure your retirement, you must take control of your pension planning and where applicable take relevant pensions advice from our award winning experts.

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Annuity AdviceAnnuity Advice

Annuity Advice from award winning annuity advisers.

Get a bigger pension annuity income for life with our annuity advice.

Our annuity advisers have access to the entire annuity market, meaning we can search to find you the biggest pension annuity income rate for your money.

Health issues?  Smoker? Get more income - we have access to all specialist enhanced annuity companies.

Why should I get annuity advice?

  • Get a bigger pension for life with our annuity advice - if you smoke
  • Get a bigger pension for life with our annuity advice - if you have medical conditions
  • Get a bigger pension for life by telling annuity advisers your postcode
  • Get a bigger pension for life with annuity advisers simply shopping around to find you the best annuity deal
  • Get a bigger pension for life with our annuity advisers telling you what your options are

At Retirement Options

When you come to retirement there are some choices you may have to make if you have not yet done so.  We have a page that will help you select the right income option and retirement choice for you. However some choices may not give the best so find out with us which do.

Here are some income options you may wish to find out more about.

  • Annuity
  • Drawdown - Capped and New Flexible Pension Drawdown
  • Phasing
  • Tax Free Cash

Retirement planning is key for your future, to retire happy you need the right plan, book a callback and speak to us today.



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