Holiday Pay Entitlement

Published / Last Updated on 14/08/2014

Holiday Pay Entitlement

Part-time workers have the same holiday pay entitlement to leave as full-time workers, you are not allowed to treat one set of staff differently to another.

Bank Holidays and Public Holidays

Whether or not this additional leave is taken on a bank holiday is up to individual employers to agree with their workers. When Christmas and New Year public holidays fall at a weekend, other week days are declared as public holidays.

All paid leave for bank holidays should also be granted on a pro rata basis for part-time workers.

Entitlements in total:

4.8 Weeks With Effect 1 October 2007

The minimum annual leave entitlement for an employee (including bank and public holidays) is now 4.8 weeks (24 days if you work a five-day week).

5.6 Weeks With Effect 1 April 2009

Entitlement, again including bank and public holidays is 5.6 weeks (28 days if you work a five-day week) with effect 1 April 2009, subject to a minimum statutory holiday pay entitlement of 28 days.

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