Zero Tariffs if No Deal Brexit

Published / Last Updated on 07/03/2019

Zero TariffsReports circulating yesterday suggest that the government will reduce tariffs by up to 90% on most imports and could even remove tariffs altogether on car parts and some agricultural produce in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

Although, some people are concerned, particularly farmers, that if cheaper goods were to flood into the country to keep prices down, farmers themselves would suffer financially by being undercut by cheaper imports.  Therefore, some textiles, cars, diary, beef and lamb would still be protected by the current tariffs.

Brexit supporters would like to see tariffs on food removed to lower prices, but farmers fear this would have an impact on standards and could ruin the British agriculture.

No final decision has been made but there have been discussions on setting tariffs, maintaining stability and protection against possible price rises for business and consumers should there be a No Deal Brexit.

Michael Gove Environmental Secretary assured farmers the government would put tariffs on food imports to provide protection to UK farmers.