Why use a Trust

Published / Last Updated on 13/05/2021

There are a few valid reasons why you should consider using a trust.

Much will depend upon the type of trust that best suits your needs, we suggest the below can be of major benefit:

  • Your assets are left to who you wish them to be left to
  • Your assets growth can be free of any inheritance taxes
  • Your assets can be protected from care fees agencies
  • Your assets can be protected from creditors
  • Your assets, depending upon where you live or retire to in the future, could provide tax efficient and even tax free access to income or growth
  • There are trusts that offer you income but the remaining growth is left for beneficiaries

The list of benefits with a carefully selected trust can be endless.

There are even countries where if you place assets in trust before your arrive, the whole income drawn from them is tax free!

Equally though, we have to stress that selecting the wrong trust can have severe tax consequences.

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