What is the State Pension Age? Half of UK Adults Do Not Know ...

Published / Last Updated on 30/05/2024

Research by leading pension provider A J Bell has found that nearly half of UK adults (48%) do not know whet the state pension age is.  The numbers are staggering given the state pension is usually the ‘backbone’ of many people’s income in retirement.

  • 28% of 50-64 year olds do not know when their state pension age is.
  • 54% of 35-49 year olds do not know when their state pension age is.
  • 63% of 18-34 year olds do not know when their state pension age is.

In addition, 72% of all adults expect the state pension age to increase (even though most of them do not know when it is anyway).


Given the numerous changes to state pension ages over the last few years it is not surprising that younger people do not know when their state pension age is.  In addition, at a young age, many simply do not think about it, it is not on their 'radar' when compared to paying the rent, saving for a mortgage, marriage, family, and cars.

That said, given the importance of planning for retirement it is the fault the finance industry, the education system, and the government (DWP) that this information is not ‘in your face’ each time you receive a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions or even to have it automatically included on your payslip or benefits statement.

If organisations know your date of birth, this is not a huge database calculation or exercise.  We are sure that this information will be included when new Pensions Dashboards are launched that will show a summary of all your pensions i.e., state, workplace and private pensions all in one place.

Meanwhile, why not try our state pension age calculator?  State Pension Age

We also suggest you register for a Personal Tax Account which will supply all the information you need on tax and national insurance contributions history as well as your projected state pension amount and age as well as if you have any gaps or shortfalls.  See https://www.gov.uk/personal-tax-account

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