Sunak Makes Easy Promise of Inflation to Halve

Published / Last Updated on 04/01/2023

The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak has promised that inflation will fall by around 50% in 2023 and to grow the economy.

Making some big claims that he will grow the economy, cut NHS waiting lists and much more.


Inflation forecasts are not ‘rocket science’.  Energy price, food price and fuel price increases have slowed down.  We are not going to see price increases that we saw in 2022 but prices are still rising.  Make no mistake your high electricity and fuel bills are here to stay.  It is just that prices will increase at a slower pace.  Make no mistake, Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will not be performing any economic miracle.

  • Inflation will fall.
  • Interest rates will stabilise.
  • The economy will come out of recession eventually.

Provided ‘Sunak and Co’ keep it steady, things will get better.

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