New Company Car Fuel Rates

Published / Last Updated on 02/03/2018

Company Car Fuel Rates

Today, 1st March 2018, is the first day for new company care fuel rates.

Rates per mile on allowable business expenses fuel claims (when using a company car that you buy the fuel, not a company fuel card) are based upon engine size and type of fuel.

Rates from 01/03/2018 – there are no changes with the exception of larger petrol engines.


  • Engine size: Rate per mile
  • 1,400 cc or less: 11p
  • 1,401cc to 2,000cc: 14p
  • Over 2,000cc: 22p  (was 21p)


  • Engine size: Rate per mile
  • 1,600 cc or less: 9p
  • 1,601cc to 2,000cc: 11p
  • Over 2,000cc: 13p


  • Engine size: Rate per mile
  • 1,400 cc or less: 8p
  • 1,401cc to 2,000cc: 8p
  • Over 2,000cc: 13p


HMRC and the government clearly want us all to be driving LPG then Petrol and are not keen on Diesel despite diesel pumping out much less CO2 emissions.