National Savings & Investments Pulls 6.2% Bond

Published / Last Updated on 09/10/2023

National Savings and Investments launched its highest ever offer and market leading 6.2% pa Guaranteed Income and Guaranteed Growth one-year bonds on 30th August.

Due to unprecedented demand, just six weeks later, NS&I pulled the bond on Friday with over 200,000 investors buying into its 72nd issue of guaranteed bonds.


These record rates attracted national coverage prompting other bond providers to push rates up to complete.

Given NS&I is underwritten and backed by the Government meaning the combination of a high rate and the security of government backing raised £millions.

If you invested, well done, if you missed out, there are still 1-year bonds out there at 6.12% but offered by lesser-known banking groups although they are still protected by the Financial Services Compensation scheme.  To find out more, search any of the leading money comparison sites.

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