Mortgage Lenders

Published / Last Updated on 17/05/2021

Mortgage Lenders

Over the years the amount of financial institutions and lenders offering mortgages have firmly been increasing.  This is good for the potential borrower as they seem to have more and more choice.  This choice also increases competition between lenders, making mortgage deals more and more attractive.

Most mortgage lenders will offer a choice of interest only and capital and interest repayment mortgages, together with different schemes to choose from.  These include fixed rates, discounted rates, cashback and flexible mortgages.

Many different companies offer mortgages such as banks, building societies, insurance companies and specialist mortgage houses.

Each lender has their own way of marketing their mortgages and this can be through branches, the media, the internet and by telephone in accordance with the Financial Services Authority regulations. 

Speak to us and let us give you advice on mortgage lenders and their rates.

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