HMRC Help Teenagers Trace Missing Child Trust Fund Cash

Published / Last Updated on 13/10/2022

HMRC has issued a warning that teenagers may be missing out on unclaimed funds in Child Trust Fund accounts with help to trace any missing child trust fund cash.

Child Trusts Funds (CTF) were tax free savings plans available for children born between 1 September 2002 and 2nd January 2011.

  • At Birth - £250 was invested by means of a voucher issued to every child.  An additional £250 was added for low-income families.
  • At Age 7 - A further £250 was invested for every child plus another additional £250 was added for low-income families.
  • At Age 11 – it was consulting on continuing to make government contributions but a new coalition government between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

If a CTF was not opened for a child, the Government automatically opened one for the child and registered it at the child’s address.  Many children and now adults may not even know they have a child trust fund.

Child Trusts Funds mature when a child reaches 18 years old, and they can cash in or transfer to an ISA if they choose .  The first accounts started maturing in September 2020 and continue to do so.

HMRC suggests that the average Child Trust Fund now holds £2,100 and hundreds of accounts remain untouched, no contact details or ‘lost’.

Trace a Child Trust Fund

HMRC has a tracing service if you are a parent of a CTF owner or you are the owner of a CTF at

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